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Consider homepage of the website and identify if the sitemap has implemented or not on website by typing the URL “”. Take a screenshot of the sitemap and paste in a word document. Generate new sitemap for using online sitemap generator tool i.e. Paste the URL of in the input field and click on start. The site map will be generated. Click on View Sitemap Details, take the screenshots of the generated sitemap from the tool and paste it in the word document.

Tasks: 1. Identify if the website has implemented the sitemap or not by visiting 2. Take the screenshots of the existing sitemap of and paste it in a word document. 3. Now, generate new sitemap for using online tool i.e. 4. Paste the URL in the input field and click on Start. 5. Click on “view sitemap details” and take the screenshots of the new sitemap. 6. Paste the screenshots in the MS Word file and submit.

Instructions: • Please make sure to use the homepage of website to generate sitemap. • Follow Lesson No. 80 to understand the solution for this exercise.

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  1. Aoa
    Mam SEO ki baqi 3 Assignments ki solutions files ka links share kr dain kindly.
    So plz.

      1. Send 1 and 4 exercise of seo
        And also send exercise of e-com 1 3 4

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